Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar mattress is known to be quite comfortable thanks to sumptuous top layer. Moreover, it has a Tencel cover that provides a supple and soft sleeping environment. Also, the different foam layers work to contour and support your body during sleep. These mattressesĀ provide the response required to switch positions without causing a lot of movement.

Nectar mattress facts


This is an 11-inch all-foam mattress that features a quilted cover and separate foam layers. The following are some of the layers:t2g3wedf6wed7j2u8i29o2

Top layer and cover

This is very important in providing cooling and comfort. It is an inch of memory foam that is quilted and then compacted. The gels pulls heat away from a sleeper as the foam provides pressure-relieving, soft top layer.

Second layer

This is a 3-inch memory foam. It is placed in mid of mattress. It is known to provide adequate contour and support to the sleeper. After you sink through the top layer, you interact with this particular layer that conforms to the body. It also provides adequate support to sleeper before hitting denser base layer. Moreover, the mid layer offers some level of comfort.

Third layer

This is 1.75-inch memory foam that is designed to provide support. This layer is placed near the bottom layer. The good thing about this layer is that it offers support and better pressure relief before interacting with dense base foam.

Bottom layer

This is a 5-inch high-density foam that is meant to provide both support and foundation. Its bottom layer acts as a foundation base for the mattress. Moreover, it offers deep compression support and comfort for sleepers.


tg2w3ed5gewdc67uwed8iNectar mattress cover is made of cotton and Tencel. This makes the cover not only breathable but also soft. Tencel is the fabric that is derived from Eucalyptus, and it is breathable. Moreover, there is an extra layer of memory foam that is quilted within its cover. This is quite important as it aids in cooling. The manufacturer has done a great job meshing together different materials to create a cool cover and also comfortable.

Nectar mattress is a traditional-style foam mattress that provides style, comfort, and functionality into one. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy classic feel of the memory foam. This is a great mattress for any person looking for a medium feel and wants a memory foam mattress. Nectar provides slow response times and good pressure relief.…