My Wild Earth Backpack Chairs: Safety And Comfort When Out And About

Adventurous people experience more than indoor individuals. They have a constant urge to visit places that they’ve never been to before. The push to be the first to have achieved this or that feat gives them a sense of determination and fulfillment. This is the out and about a bunch that strives to live life to the fullest with a touch of the “been there done that” attitude. If this is your lot, then the backpack chairs at My Wild Earth are for you for the following reasons:


hdhgdd4The wild is a place where anything can happen at any time. Nothing should ever be taken for granted. A harmless looking insect could be the deadliest creature that you’ve encountered in life. The shrubs and the leaves that appear that support the natural aesthetics could, on the other hand, induce skin allergies.
As a seasoned adventure seeker, you already know the importance of wearing protective clothing when out for wild treks. The challenge sets in when it comes to getting comfortable out there. Sitting or lying down on a pile of dry leaves isn’t advisable because you never know what’s wriggling beneath them.

The GCI Quick E-seat is designed to increase your safety out in the wild. The lightweight backpack chair stands on tripod-legs with adjustable height. This means that you can seat high up or as close to the ground as possible. Like the Coleman brands, it looks like a movie director’s chair while the wildhorn, the alite, and the helinox types can be mistaken for baby trumps because they are designed with a li-lo-like effect to grant you superior comfort whenever you feel like taking a nap without jeopardizing your safety.


Imagine climbing to the peak of an icy mountain, pitching a chair and having your favorite drink. There is something about entering the cannons of history as the person who has sat in some of strangest places on earth. My Wild Earth grants you the opportunity to do so by offering you a wide range of backpack chair designs with the following comfort oriented qualities.

• Strong and light fabric that can hold varying body weights without tearing up after a couple of adventurous trips.
• The chairs can be mounted on any terrain given their ingenious stands that mimic the gripping power of a tigers’ claws or the geckos’ adhesive feet.
• The fabrics retain heat in cold weather and increase aeration in hot weather, making them suitable for any form of adventure.
• Easy to assemble and dismantle for logistic purposes. You can carry one or two of these chairs together with your regular backpack that includes a tent, food rations, and camera equipment and still be able to navigate any terrain without strain.


Note that you can use these chairs for many types of outdoor experiences such as picnics. They come in different colors, design, and sizes. You can subsequently buy one for each member of the family to have home-like family dinners around open fires under the stars somewhere out of the normal world.